07.03.2011 11:10


Horses are one of the most beautiful animals in the world and have changed

through evolution over many hundreds of thousands of years, to what we know today as a domesticated animal not only used for work, for fun also. There are over 300 breeds of horses in the world, examples being the famous Spanish Andalusian horses and the native breeds of England such as the New Forest and the Welsh Mountain ponies. Over the years horses have been invaluable in Wars, working in the coal mines and are also used as Mountain Rescue in some parts of the world, as well as working on the land and being used for transport.

Horses play an important role in sports, Show Jumping, Polo and many more equestrian events all over the world.

Horses need a lot of love and looking after, they are an animal that will give you so much fun in return for being treated with respect.

We have had one of our horses for 2 years now she is 26, she is very naughty and likes to escape

a lot. She gives plenty of love in return for a belly full of food and a nice warm bed.


Shannon Brown 1º B