Interview with Laura Knowles

07.03.2011 10:21

You are going to read the interview to Laura Knowles.Laura is the English assistant and she comes from USA. She has come to Spain in order to improve her Spanish and to get to know and enjoy our culture.

We asked her some questions about her experience in Spain and about topics such as peace,the environment,etc.


            1.       Where are you from?I'm from Wisconsin, USA.

    1. Have you finished your university studies in the USA?

      Yes,I graduated with a degree in Spanish and education.

    2. Why have you come to Spain?

      I've come to Spain to practise speaking Spanish and teaching.

    3. Why have you chosen Álora?

      I haven't chosen Álora, I chose Andalucía and they put me here.

    4. What impression did Álora give you when you first arrived?

      It's beautiful and I thought to my self that I could live here.

    5. Is this your first visit to Spain?

      No, I stayed in Sevilla for four months, three years ago.

    6. What do you think about the sense of humour of Spanish people?

      I don't understand humour of Spanish people.

    7. Every year we organize a solidarity festival in order to help Zway's people in Ethiopia.What do you think about it?

      That's fantastic.

    8. Are there special activities in American schools about Peace, the environment, solidarity,etc?

      In American, we dedicate one week to the environment and it's called green week. We also send books and school supplies and clothes to poor countries.

    9. Some people say that there shouldn't be a World Peace Day. What do you think about this opinion?

      I don't know. I think there should be a World Peace Day.

    10. Are there any restrictions in your country about smoking, drinking in the streets,etc?

      For many years, you haven't been able to smoke inside buildings and you are not allowed to drink in the streets.

    11. Nowadays, there are a lot of accidents in our country because of teenagers who drink too much?

      Yes, specially at the university, because you can't legally drink until you are 21 years old.

    12. In your opinion, what is the main problem the World has?

      We don't accept people's differences.

    13. What do you miss from American?

      I miss my friends and my family, and peanut butter.

    14. Obama became president a couple years ago. Have you seen any important changes since then?

      I thought there would be more changes.

    15. Would you recommend us a book and a CD which have been important in your life?

      My favourite book is The Alchemist, my favourite Cds are anything by Tom Petty.

      The Alchemist has been very important in my life because it helped me a lot about many problems.

    16. Would you like to exprees a wish to the World?

      I think that everyone should have the opportunity to spend a year in the foreign country.


We thank Laura for her cooperation.


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