Planned Obsolescence

08.03.2011 12:14


Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is the programming of the useful life of a product to make it useless after a period of time so that people buy more and more products.

Nowadays, almost all technological products we buy are designed to break down after a while. For example, i-Pods and printers are programmed so that after a time or a certain number of copies they stop working.

The objective of this action is no other than to make money. Manufacturers don´t want their products to be durable, because if their products were lasting they would not sell many of them. On the other hand, people can get tired of a brand and they can buy other products. From a moral standpoint, this is very bad, because customers want to buy good and useful things. In addition,vendors are taking advantage of people.

Despite all that, this might be the future of electrical appliances, which in an increasingly consumer society,this seems to be the only way to succeed. While,on the other hand, honest businesmen, who are trying to do their best, will remain in bankruptcy.



José María García Carrasco 2º BHM.