The Animal Kingdom

09.03.2011 12:04

The Animal Kingdom   



The animal kingdom is very fascinating, there are thousands and thousands of species, for example: dogs, cats , horses , insects , bugs and reptiles. I like animals, except from snakes and insects. It upsets me when I see animals getting beaten up by their owners. These days animals get bought, used and when they don’t have any other use they get abandoned, it just makes me think: would you like to be abandoned? NO!!! So why do people do it? For example due to poachers and other things tigers are rapidly disappearing. There are only 2,353 tigers left in the wild and many more in captivity. The World Wide Fund (WWF) has ensured over many years that the population of pandas has grown ...hence ensuring this beautiful animal does not become extinct through their breeding programmes. My point is that this world needs the animal kingdom. We wouldn´t have a world without it. And we soon won´t because most of this kingdom is rapidly disappearing.



Kaitlin Brown 1ªB